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Chinezen: Waar denk je aan?
Ik vertel natuurlijk een hoop over de chinezen in mijn dagboek. Maar als onwetende nederlander heb je natuurlijk ook een heleboel vooroordelen over chinezen. Dus, waar denk je zoal aan als je aan China of Chinezen denkt?

Prabhu - Harvard Business Review, March 2006, heeft een article: Inside the Mind of the Chinese Consumer., blz 68-78. Volgens HBR:

While working hard and getting rich are certainly priorities for most Chinese, our survey shows that over the last ten years, these aims have become less important to the average citizen. Instead, Chinese workers are demonstrating an increasing desire to express their individuality – a trend that may just signal the emergence of a new “me” generation.


“Work hard and get rich.” – was 68% (in 1994), naar 53% (in 2004)
“Don’t think of money/fame; live a life that suits my own tastes.”- was 10% (in 1994), naar 26% (in 2004)
“Never think of self; give in service to society.” – was 4% (in 1994), naar 2% (in 2004)

The survey suggests that many of the perceptions held by companies outside – and even inside – China are inaccurate. Specifically, our findings belie at least four commonly held notions.

1. The first misconception is that the Chinese people, unmoored from collectivism, are now focused chiefly on working hard and getting rich.

2. The second is that the Chinese workers now flooding the factories and offices of the large cities are highly ambitious, fully mobilized, and actively engaged.

3. The third is that the new prosperity in China allows consumers there to buy much of what they want.

4. And the fourth is that there remains an endless hunger for household basics.

Chi - Weird little people :)

Marieke - Hmm... Chinezen, dan denk ik aan veel. En wat ik me dan afvraag; zijn de porties eten in China ook zo groot als ze hier in Nederland bij "de Chinees" zijn?